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Legacies 1x01④ Landon meets the Saltzman twins

Legacies 1x01 Landon meets the Saltzman twins



L: Welcome to the Salvertoo? School. We are your tour guides.

J: I'm Josie.

L: I'm Lizzy. Sisters.

J: Twins.

L: Fraternal oops.


A: Raf, I wanna you go ahead with the girls while I talk to Landon. (ラファエル、俺がランドンと話す間に彼女たちと先に行っててくれるか。)


L&J: Moring, Hope.

H: Good moring, girls.


L: More like despair. (Goodと言うより絶望よ)

H: I heared that. (聞いたよ)

L: No, you didn't. (いいえ、聞いてないわよ)

H: I have to. (聞こえるのよ)


A: Everyone behave. (みんなお利口にしなさい。)

L&J: Love you, dad.


A: So, let's get started. (じゃあ始めようか。)