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Legacies 1x01 ⑦ Landon locked in cell, Hope and Landon talk

Legacies 1x01 Landon locked in cell,Hope and Landon talk




L: No! 

??: Come in!

L: No!

??: You stay here. Don't think about it.

L: Please don't lock me! Please!



H: Landon.

L: Hope! Can you get me out of here?

H: Not yet. But you're not a prisoner here. I swear.

L: I'm in a waste dungeon.


H: It's a werewolf transition space. (狼人間の変身部屋よ。)

L: Super. I'm not so good with, you know, small spaces.(最高だな。俺は得意じゃないよ。何て言うか、狭い場所が。)

H: We won't keep you here long. No one expected you couldn't be compelled.(長く閉じ込めるつもりはないわ。あなたに暗示が聞かないなんて誰も予想してなかったの。)


L: I don't know what that means. (どうゆう意味だよ)


H: MG tried to erase your memories of this place. But it didn't work. (MGがあなたからここの記憶を消そうとしたの。でもできなかった)

L: So now what!? Am I a hostage? Where is Rafael? (それでなんだよ。俺は人質か?ラファエルはどこだよ)

H: He is fine. You're fine too. (彼は無事よ。あなたもね)


H: Our compulsion doesn't work on people who take this herb called vervain. (私たちの暗示はバーベナっていうハーブを食べた人には効かないの)

H: Town sheriff sometimes slips it into the coffee at the gas station we were out this morning. (街の保安官はたまにコーヒーに混ぜるの。)

H: It takes about a day to pass through your system. (体から抜けるのにだいたい1日かかるわ)

H: But you just have to wait it out. (それを待たなければいけないの)

L: Sure. Yeah, no big deal. (よし。そうだな、たいしたことない。)

L: I'm just sit here alone in the waste dungeon with my thoughts. (俺はこの牢屋で一人で座って考えごとしてるよ)


L: Would you.. I mean, could you really love with me? (あのさ、その、つまり、俺と??)

H: I'm really sorry about all of this. (今回のことはほんとにごめんなさい。)

H: But it was nice to see you again. (でもまた会えてよかった。)