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Gossip Girl Season1-18_Chuck's speech at Bart and Lily's wedding

Gossip Girl Season 1-18 [29:43]


I'd like to propose a toast.

*propose a toast(乾杯の音頭をとる)


My father is someone who goes after what he wants, and Lily Van Der Woodsen was no exception.

*go after(~を追いかける、求める、得ようとする、)


In typical Bass man fashion, his pursuit was direct, at that times, not exactly subtle.

*in typical ~ fashion(~の常とう手段として) *pursuit(追及、探求) *subtle(微妙、繊細)


One thing I learned from my father's courtship of Lily is the importance of perseverance - that in the face of true love, you don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to.

*courtship(求婚、求愛) *perseverance(忍耐力) *in the face of ~(~に直面して、~を前にして)*affection(愛情) *beg(乞う、懇願する)


And one thing I learned from Lily is the importance of forgiveness.


She gave my father the gift of a second chance, and in kind, I've watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift.

*in kind(現物で) *be worthy of ~(~に値する)


And one day, I hope I'll be lucky enough to find someone who will do the same for me.


To the happy couple.