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レガシーズ シーズン3 1話 あらすじ⑧ Legacies 3x01-8




Legacies 3x01 Landon And Rafael Talk, Rafael Tells Necromancer To Put Landon’s Spirit In Him

Landon: Would it be that bad to have a ghost roommate? I could float over teachers' desks and get us test answers. I could, I could, I could, I could drift around the hallways and see what girls are into you. Ghost wingman.

Rafael: Yeah, and, um, when Hope finally comes back?

Landon: She'll understand. She has to. If she were in my position, she'd do the exact same thing.

Rafael: Are you sure about that?

Landon: When she head-dove Josie, she was taking a risk. She was willing to sacrifice herself for the greater good. Now it's my turn to make that sacrifice.
☆greater good...社会全体の利益

Rafael: No, Lan. Look, after what I did to you, I think it's my turn.

Rafael: Hey. To bring back Landon, you only need the spirit or the host to be willing, right?

Necromancer: Correct. And what is the status of the spirit?

Rafael: Unwilling. So I want you to put his spirit in me.

Necromancer: Oh, this just got spicy.



Legacies 3x01 Alaric to Hope "We Need You Here"

ALARIC: Look, here's the deal. I can study every sleep spell known to man, but... I think we both know what's going on, deep down inside. You know that Landon is dead. And you know that if you wake up, you're gonna have to face that grief. And as somebody who has experienced that grief more times than I care to count, I would never wish that upon you or anyone else. But the truth is, we need you here. Landon needs you. We all need you.
☆"Here's the deal"...こうしよう。☆grief...悲しみ