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Legacies 3x01-1 Hope is Unconscious

Legacies 3x01 Hope is Unconscious


L: Landon, N: Necromancer



L: I'm sorry it came to this. (こんなことになってごめん。)

L: I wish I could be by your side as I say my final goodbye. (君の横にいて最後のお別れを言えたらよかったのに。)

L: I'm sad my life has been cut short, but you taught me to live it to the fullest. (人生が早く終わって悲しいけど、君は精一杯生きることを教えてくれた。)

☆live life to the fullest(精一杯生きる)

L: And if I can go out doing this one good thing that will help you live a better life, it was worth it. (しかも君の人生を良くできる行いをして旅立てるなら、価値があったと言える。)

L: I love you Hope, always and forever. (ホープ、愛してる。今までもこれからも。)


N: Where the  hell do you think you're going, you pernicious little twit?(一体どこに行くと思ってんだ、このくそったれ)

☆pernicious(悪質な、邪悪な) ☆twit(ばか、まぬけ)



Legacies 2x01 ② Josie And Lizzie Talk

Legacies 2x01 Josie And Lizzie Talk


J: Mom didn't tell you anything else about this thing? (ママこれについて他に何か言ってた?)

L: Only that it's called an Ascendant. (占星術だってだけ。)

L: And you and I made it with Aunt Bonnie when we were five. (それとあなたと私が5歳の時にボニーおばさんと作ったって。)

J: Does it have anything to do with the merge? (マージに何か関係ある?)

L: I don't know. She's being cagey about it. I- (わからない。はっきり教えてくれないのよ。私、)



L: Sorry. Mom almost busted me. (ごめん。ママにばれそうだった)

J: You know we can facechat like normal people? (私たちも普通の人みたいにテレビ電話できるよ?)

L: We aren't normal. And we need to keep our magic sharp over the summer. (私たちは普通じゃないじゃない。それに夏の間も魔法を鈍らせないようにしなきゃ。)

J: How's therapy going? (セラピーはどう?)

L: Fine. There is this sexy swedish guy whose session is after me on Tuesday. (順調よ。火曜日に私の後に来るセクシーなスウェーデン人がいるの。)

L: I think he's swedish, maybe Polish. Anyway it doesn't matter. (スウェーデン人だと思う。もしかしたらポーランドかも。まぁそれは関係ないわ)

L: He is hot and crazy and the language barrier will make it impossible for us to communicate. Just how I like it. (彼はホットでクレイジーで、そして言葉の壁があって会話できないの。まさに私の好み。)

J: You should really work on that. (頑張って)

L: I'll add it to the list of broken pieces to glue together. (糊付けする欠片リストに追加するわ)

L: What about you? Any hot summer dates? (あなたはどうなの?ホットな夏のデートは?)

J: Dad's been like my life plus one ever since he got the headmaster boot. (パパが校長をクビになってから心配なの。)

J: I honestly think he's going through a mid-life crisis. (正直パパは中年危機だと思う)

☆midlife crisis(中年期に陥る鬱や不安障害)

L: Gross. Hair grows? (きも。髪の毛伸びてる?)

J: Bushy. (ぼさぼさ)

L: Lady prosect? (女性関係は?)

J: Lacking. (全然)

L: Are you not having any fun at all? (何にも楽しいことないの?)

L: What about Wee Willie Winkie? (小さな妖精君は?)

J: Landon's been keeping to himself mostly. (ランドン?はだいたい一人でいるよ。)

J: He's always off with Ralph. (いつもラファエルとどこか行ってる。)

L: So ditch it all! Come to Europe. (もう全部ほっぽってヨーロッパ来なよ)

J: I can't. I don't wanna leave Dad alone. (行けないよ。パパを一人にしておけない。)

I'm homestly kinda worried he's going to go out and busy a tiny red car. (ちっちゃい赤い車で出てって忙しそうで、実はちょっと心配なの。)

L: I thought we were taking strides to be less codependent. (共依存からは結構抜け出したと思ったけど)

☆stride(大股に歩くこと、ひとまたぎ) ☆strides(進展、発展)

J: We are. There is codependent. And then there's leaving dad with his alarming mustache growth. (抜け出してる最中だよ。それに、ひげもじゃパパを??)

L: Um gross. (うわ、きも)

J: Yeah. (ほんと)







Gossip Girl Season1-18_Chuck's speech at Bart and Lily's wedding

Gossip Girl Season 1-18 [29:43]


I'd like to propose a toast.

*propose a toast(乾杯の音頭をとる)


My father is someone who goes after what he wants, and Lily Van Der Woodsen was no exception.

*go after(~を追いかける、求める、得ようとする、)


In typical Bass man fashion, his pursuit was direct, at that times, not exactly subtle.

*in typical ~ fashion(~の常とう手段として) *pursuit(追及、探求) *subtle(微妙、繊細)


One thing I learned from my father's courtship of Lily is the importance of perseverance - that in the face of true love, you don't just give up, even if the object of your affection is begging you to.

*courtship(求婚、求愛) *perseverance(忍耐力) *in the face of ~(~に直面して、~を前にして)*affection(愛情) *beg(乞う、懇願する)


And one thing I learned from Lily is the importance of forgiveness.


She gave my father the gift of a second chance, and in kind, I've watched him become someone actually worthy of that gift.

*in kind(現物で) *be worthy of ~(~に値する)


And one day, I hope I'll be lucky enough to find someone who will do the same for me.


To the happy couple.



Legacies 2x01① Landon's Opening scene

Legacies 2x01 Landon’s Opening scene


-JUNE- (6月)


??: Have a great summer time.

??: See you in September! (9月に会おうね!)


Landon: At the Salvatole school, the end of the year means different things to different people. (サルバトーレ学校では学期末の持つ意味は人によって違う。)

For some, it's about reunions. (誰かにとっては再会。)

To others, it means saying goodbye. (また誰かにとっては別れを言うこと。)

Summer is a time to set out on new adventures and see the world to grow in ways he never imagined. (夏は新たな冒険に向かい、それまで想像しなかったような成長をするために世界を見る季節だ。)

Everyone moves on, expect for those who have nowhere to go, the ones like me. (みんな動き出す。俺みたいに行く当てがないやつら以外は。)


My name is Landon Kirby.(俺の名前はランドン・カービー。)

All I've ever wanted to know is where I come from to have a home, a family, to be special. (今までずっと自分がどこから来たのか知りたかった。家が、家族が欲しくて、特別になりたかった。)

Recently I got all of it. (最近そのすべてがわかった。)

So why do I feel like nothing's changed. (なのになんで何も変わっていない気がするんだろう。)

Somehow it feels like the most important piece of my life is missing. (なんだか自分の人生の大事なピースが無い気がする。)

I know I need to keep searching for answers because as far as I can tell being immortal, means being alone. (不死身で、孤独でいる限りその答えを探し続ける必要があるみたいだ。)

Being alone is hopeless.(一人ぼっちは絶望だ。)



Legacies 1x01 ⑦ Landon locked in cell, Hope and Landon talk

Legacies 1x01 Landon locked in cell,Hope and Landon talk




L: No! 

??: Come in!

L: No!

??: You stay here. Don't think about it.

L: Please don't lock me! Please!



H: Landon.

L: Hope! Can you get me out of here?

H: Not yet. But you're not a prisoner here. I swear.

L: I'm in a waste dungeon.


H: It's a werewolf transition space. (狼人間の変身部屋よ。)

L: Super. I'm not so good with, you know, small spaces.(最高だな。俺は得意じゃないよ。何て言うか、狭い場所が。)

H: We won't keep you here long. No one expected you couldn't be compelled.(長く閉じ込めるつもりはないわ。あなたに暗示が聞かないなんて誰も予想してなかったの。)


L: I don't know what that means. (どうゆう意味だよ)


H: MG tried to erase your memories of this place. But it didn't work. (MGがあなたからここの記憶を消そうとしたの。でもできなかった)

L: So now what!? Am I a hostage? Where is Rafael? (それでなんだよ。俺は人質か?ラファエルはどこだよ)

H: He is fine. You're fine too. (彼は無事よ。あなたもね)


H: Our compulsion doesn't work on people who take this herb called vervain. (私たちの暗示はバーベナっていうハーブを食べた人には効かないの)

H: Town sheriff sometimes slips it into the coffee at the gas station we were out this morning. (街の保安官はたまにコーヒーに混ぜるの。)

H: It takes about a day to pass through your system. (体から抜けるのにだいたい1日かかるわ)

H: But you just have to wait it out. (それを待たなければいけないの)

L: Sure. Yeah, no big deal. (よし。そうだな、たいしたことない。)

L: I'm just sit here alone in the waste dungeon with my thoughts. (俺はこの牢屋で一人で座って考えごとしてるよ)


L: Would you.. I mean, could you really love with me? (あのさ、その、つまり、俺と??)

H: I'm really sorry about all of this. (今回のことはほんとにごめんなさい。)

H: But it was nice to see you again. (でもまた会えてよかった。)




Legacies 1x01⑥ Landon try's being compelled by MG

Legacies 1x01 Landon try's being compelled by MG



L: Why would you ask me that? 


A: Werewalf gene lies dormant until the carrier takes a human life.(狼人間の遺伝子は本人が人の命を奪うまで眠っている。)


A: If Rafael triggered his curses, it's because he killed someone.(ラファエルの呪いが発動したのは、彼が誰かを殺したからだ。)

A: And we don't accept cold-blooded killers int our program.(そして我々の学校に冷血な殺人鬼は迎えられない。)

L: He's not a killer.

H: Or not trying. (??)

L: He's not a killer.


A: Well, I know a little bit about his background.(そうか。生い立ちについては少し知っている。)

A: Neglectful birth parents. Orphaned in adolescence. 6 foster homes in 7 years. Prone to fits of anger. (海の親の育児放棄、思春期は孤児、7年で6つの義理の家族、激昂しやすい性格)

L: Yeah, you could just as easily be reading my file that's what it's like out there for people like him and me.(ああ、ラファエルや俺みたいな人間にとって世の中がどんなもんか俺のファイルを単に読めるよな)

☆out there(外に、世の中に)

H: Landon, I know this is a lot to take in right now. (ランドン、今すぐには色々理解できないのはわかるわ。)

☆this is a lot take in = there is a lot of information

H: But we're only trying to help.(でも私たちは助けようとしているだけなの。)

H: I'm going here since I was 7. This is a safe place for people like Rafael. It's a home.(私は7歳の時からここにいる。ラファエルのような人々にとっては安全な場所なの。家なのよ)



A: But if we take him in, we need to make sure that he is not a threat.(しかし引き取るとなると、彼が危険でないとはっきりさせる必要がある。)


L: His girl friend, Cassie. Last month. (恋人のキャシー。先月だ。)

L: He was driving, it was a storm. He took a turn too fast.(あいつが運転していて、嵐の日だった。)

L: Then he started acting out.(それからあいつはおかしくなっていった)

L: At first, I thought it was just grief and then maybe drugs or something.(最初は悲しみのせいだと思った。それからもしかしたらドラッグか何かやってるのかと)

L: And then he threw a 200 pound lawnmower 50 feet across the yard.(そして、庭で90Kgの芝刈り機を15mも投げ飛ばした。)

L: It wasn't our foster parents caught him in the priest.(義理の両親が司祭の床に)


L: I guess they thought he was possessed by the devil.(悪魔に取り憑かれてると思ったんだろう)



A: All of that is consistent with the newly triggered wolf.(全部目覚めたての狼人間と一致するな)


A: It's normal. Thank you for that, Landon. (それが普通だよ。ありがとうランドン。)


A: Hope.

H: Everything's gonna be ok. I promise. (全部大丈夫だから。約束する。)

H: We're ready.(準備できたわ)


A: Landon Kirby. Milton Greasley.

M: Come on, Dr. Saltsman.(よしてよ、先生)

A: Right, MG. I'm sorry.(そうだなMG。悪かった。)

A: Take it from a guy named Alaric. I got it.(??わかったよ。)


A: Landon, MG is my student mate.(ランドン、MGもここの生徒だ。)

H: He's also a vampire.(彼はこれまたバンパイア)

L: Of course, he is.(まぁそうだろうね)


L: You know for school with a secret to keep it kind of liberal with your information.(秘密の学校にとって秘密を守ることは)

A: Well, we don't actually intend for you to remember any of it.(そうだなぁ、実際君の記憶をそのままにしておくつもりはない。)


M: Forget everything you've seen or learned since last night.(昨晩からの出来事はすべて忘れろ)

M: All you need to know is your friend found a home where he can live a better life.(お前の友達は最適な家を見つけたってことだけ覚えておけ)

M: You listen but you know it's for the best.(??)


L: Are you two out of your minds!? How can I forget any of this.(二人して頭大丈夫か?どうやってこれを忘れるって言うんだよ)

☆out of one's mind(気が狂っている)

H: MG, Did you do it wrong? (MG、失敗したの?)

M: No, I didn't do it wrong. This is easiest vampire trick in the book.(いや、俺はちゃんとやったさ。これはバンパイアの能力で一番簡単なやつだぞ)

H: Well, it didn't work.(そうね、効いてないけど)

M: Obviously it didn't work.(明らかに、効いてないな)


A: Careful. Get him to the cellar.(気をつけろよ。地下室に運べ)

A: This is not good. This is bad.(こいつはまずいぞ、最悪だ。)


Legacies 1x01② Hope and Alaric save Rafael

Legacies 1x01 Hope and Alaric save Rafael


L: Landon, R: Rafael, H: Hope, A: Alaric



L: Rafael, serious. It's not right. (ラファエル、真面目に。おかしいって。)

R: It is what it is, man. (しかたないだろ。)

L: You're not Catholic. You shouldn't have to confess your sin. (お前はカトリック教徒じゃないだろ。罪の告白なんてしなくていい。)

R: I tossed a lawn mower through the patio doors, bro. (俺はパティオドアに芝刈り機を投げたんだ。)

☆lawn mower(芝刈り機), ☆patio(テラス)

R: If apologizing to God gets Hector and Maria off of my back, so beep. (神に謝ればヘクターとマリアが)


: ?? Rafael, pray with me.


Hector: Landon, you can leave now. It's ok. We can take it from here. (もう行っていいぞ。)

L: I'm good, Hector. (俺は大丈夫だよ。)

Maria: Landon, this is between your foster brother and God, ok? (これはラファエルと神の間の問題なの。)

R: Hey, I got it, bro. ?? outside. (任せろ、兄弟。外で)


: [God, whose nature isever marciful and forgiving. Accept our prayer that this sarvant of yours DEPARTS.] 

R: What's gonig on here.(何事だよ)

: [Accept our prayer that this sarvant of yours departs.]

R: What?

: [Accept our prayer that this sarvant of yours departs.]

 R: What are doing!? (何してるんだ)

: [Then impious one, depart. Accursed one, DEPART DEMON.]



H: Landon.

L: Hope?

A: You two know each other? (二人は知り合いか?)

H: Long story...(話せば長くなるわ)


H: Dr. Saltzman.

A: Yeah, i'm on it. (あぁ、わかってる。)

☆I'm on it. = I'm working on it. = On it.(取り掛かっている、わかった、今からやる)

A: Doors are locked. (ドアに鍵がかかってる。)


H: You ganna want to stay out here, Landon. Trust me. (ここから離れていたほうがいいわ。私を信じて。)


A: Shut down the Exorcist, could you? (あのエクソシスト黙らせてくれるか?)



R: What's happening?

L: Oh my God...


R: Help...


A: Easy does it. Easy does it. Easy does it... (落ち着け、落ち着け…)